14.85m - 18.6m CU Heating Electric Underfloor Heating Loose Cable Kit with Choice of Thermostat (18cable165)


Product Code: 18C4PI4R11

Manufacturer: CU Heating Ltd

There is nothing like the feeling of a warm heated floor under your feet, it's perfect for waking up and coming home to on those cold rainy days. It's more comfortable, affordable and greener than traditional radiator heating systems. So not only does it free-up all of that radiator space, it reduces the long-term costs of your heating bill. This is because radiator heat rises: giving you hot heads, cold floors and scorching radiator units. With our CU Heating: Electric Underfloor Heating Cable the temperature control is more even, allowing you room-by-room control with a choice of digital or push-button thermostat.

Sound good? We know it does.

Our underfloor heating systems are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and more. Our CU Heating: Electric Underfloor Heating cable slots right in under tile, stone, marble, carpet or and vinyl flooring (if covered with a latex levelling compound) in those hard to reach places or awkward rooms where wide mats are not suitable. Best of all our cable is only 2mm thick, making it one of the thinnest on the market.

The cable is suitable for primary heat, depending on how close together to place the cable on the subfloor. Please consult the manual for more details.

The cable comes with the kit required for DIY installation complete in one handy little bundle.

Our CU Heating: Electric Underfloor cables come with a lifetime warranty, and our simple to use thermostats also come with a 2-year guarantee.

We offer a free design service if you have a drawing or plan of your room, so contact us on 0800 023 26 28 for a consultation.




18W/m twin core primary heater cable 165 mtr. Designed to be laid in a 50-100mm concrete screed.

This item is 165 meters in length, and is for use as a primary heating source.

Our 18 Watts / metre cable has been designed for inatallation in a concrete screed 50-100mm. When installed at correct spacings it will be able to provide an economical solution for sole source heating in most circumstances.

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