Which System is Right For Me?

Which CU Heating Trace Heating System is Right for Me?

We offer a range of trace heating systems for both domestic and commercial frost protection of pipework.

Pre-Terminated Trace Heating Kits

Our best-selling frost protection kits are our CU Heating Safe Trace product range, which are pre-terminated heaters designed for domestic applications, such as outside taps, condensate pipes or caravan pipework.

These are a plug and go solution, with pre-wired heaters and a pre-set thermostat designed to switch to prevent pipework freezing.

On one side of the thermostat is the power flex which can easily be connected to a plug, fused spur or power supply. On the other side, is a self-regulating heating cable specifically designed to frost protect both plastic and metal pipework, up to 100mm diameter when 25mm thick insulation is applied.

Cut to Length Trace Heating Loose Cable

An alternative if you are looking for a bespoke trace heating solution, either when longer runs of cable are needed or the trace heating is required to go in more than one direction, is our CU Heating Cut to Length Trace Heating Loose Cable. Available in 2 power outputs: 10w/m for up to 2.5 inch (65mm) diameter pipe or 20w/m for 2.5 inch (65mm) to 6 inch (150mm) diameter pipe.

We also stock a full range of temperature maintenance trace heating, for further information on this, gain further advice on the best trace heating solution for your needs or to learn more please call our friendly team on 0800 023 26 28 or email sales@cuheating.co.uk, as we are only too happy to help.