Underfloor Heating Systems


Electric Underfloor Heating Kits, Accessories and Trace Heating delivered throughout the UK

We are specialists in providing electric underfloor heating kits and additional accessories; including boards and controllers. Our underfloor heating kits are simple to install and suitable for DIY installations, new builds and renovation projects. Our products are a practical and affordable alternative to traditional heating methods.

Our Underfloor Heating products can be used for comfort heating or for total, primary heating, which is ideal to use in bathrooms, conservatories or kitchens.

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In our underfloor heating shop you can browse through a full range of heating mats, cables, user friendly fully programmable controllers and marmox energy efficient insulation boards. DIY enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that many of our products are perfectly suitable for self-installation.

We also offer a comprehensive range of electric trace heating to suit any needs. From domestic water pipe frost protection to commercial and industrial trace heating, CU heating can service your trace heating requirements.

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