Which System is Right For Me?

Which CU Heating Underfloor Heating System Is Right For Me?

With underfloor heating becoming increasingly popular, the choices on the systems available have grown over recent years. So, which system is right for you and your project? Well rest assure, whether you have a new build, full renovation, or a simple bathroom or ensuite refit, we have a system for you.


Electric or Water Underfloor Heating?

Firstly, we need to establish whether an electric or water system is best for your project. Water underfloor heating systems, which are often referred to as ‘Wet’ underfloor heating systems, are perfect for larger areas, or where multiple rooms are being renovated, as they are more efficient when used in a bigger space.

Electric underfloor heating systems are very versatile. They are ideal for single room refits and are really easy to install; perfect in rooms, such as a bathroom, ensuite or a small to medium sized kitchen, as well as areas that you can’t plumb, such as a conservatory. One of their major benefits over water, is that as they are so thin they are ideal for rooms with low ceiling heights.


Electric Underfloor Heating

With the above in mind, we can now drill down and establish which specific type of system is best for your needs.

Our Electric Underfloor Heating Mats are perfect if you are looking to lay tiles, stone, or marble as the final floor finish. They are super easy to install as they feature a fully adhesive back, so they lay flat as soon as they are rolled out. They are also one of the thinnest underfloor heating options, and at just 2mm thick our CU Heating Mats won’t raise your floor height.

There are 2 choices of power outputs for the CU Heating Mats: The 200w/m² Electric Underfloor Heating Mats and Kits are the best product to use if the underfloor heating is going to be the only heat source in the room (also known as primary heating), in other words there will not be a radiator or heated towel rail to supply additional warmth.

The 160w/m² Electric Underfloor Heating Mats and Kits are ideal if you want to add a level of comfort to the room and take the chill off a tiled or stone floor and when there is a secondary heat source supporting in the room, such as a radiator.

You can also have peace of mind, as both the 200w/m² and 160w/m² Electric Underfloor Heating Mats come with a lifetime cable warranty.

We would always recommend laying these mats on our thermal construction board, as it really helps speed up the heat time and retains the heat for longer, improving the efficiency of the electric underfloor heating system.

Electric Foil Under Carpet & Wood Underfloor Heating Mats

If you are looking to lay electric underfloor heating under wood or carpet, then the CU Heating Foil Mats are the best route for you. If you are choosing wood flooring then we do recommend floating wood floors and if your choosing carpet, then we suggest keeping your carpet and underlay below 2 tog and having an RCD fitted by an electrical installer.

The CU Heating Foil Mats create a gentle, even comfort heat and are simple to install. When combined with our Closed Cell Insulation (used to prevent damage to the mat and increase efficiency) they are just 4mm thick.

Just like the 200w/m² and 160w/m² mats, the CU Heating Foil Mats come with a lifetime cable warranty.


CU Heating Loose Cable

If your room is small or an awkward shape and a 500mm wide CU Heating Mat won’t fit, then rather than using an electric underfloor hating mat, a CU Heating Loose Cable would be the easiest solution for you.

We offer a 10w/m Loose Cable for fitting under tiles, just like our underfloor heating mats or an 18w/m in-screed option for installation in 50-100mm of concrete screed.

Either can be used as primary or secondary heating, just the spacings between the cable when laid need to be altered – 50mm cable spacings for primary heating and 62mm spacings for secondary heating for the 10w/m loose cable. And 85mm spacings for primary heating and 106mm cable spacings for secondary heat for the 18w/m in-screed cable.


Water Underfloor Heating

Our water underfloor heating offering is the CU Heating Staple System. This is an in-screed system that provides a cost effective and efficient solution to water underfloor heating.

Ideal for new builds and renovations when a screed is already being laid, or there is available ceiling height to take between the 85mm to 175mm of depth for the screed and insulation. This system provides a fantastic even heat and generates outputs of up to 122w/m².

The CU Heating Staple System is a flexible option as it can incorporate several zones / rooms from one system, can be used with any type of screed and is perfect for any shaped room, even the most irregular. A pipe layout design is provided free of charge, based on your plans / room dimensions which makes pipe installation straight forward. To obtain your design simply call our team on 0800 023 26 28, prior to ordering and we will design the system, and provide advice on the best size kit required for your project.

The CU Heating Staple System also comes with a 10-year pipe guarantee, providing you with additional confidence on your choice of water underfloor heating solution.


If you are still unsure of the best option for your project or would like to learn more, please call our friendly team on 0800 023 26 28 or email sales@cuheating.co.uk, as we are only too happy to help.