14m² Total Area – Water Underfloor Heating Kit


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Product Description

Discover the ultimate temperature control underfloor heating system with CU Heating. Enjoy even heat distribution and room-by-room control with our range of thermostats. Perfect for a whole-house installation, our system can be installed downstairs and even in upstairs room if screeded.

Ideal for property extensions or new builds, this system eliminates the need for standard convector radiators, reducing the spread of dust mites and allergens while creating more space for furniture. It’s particularly well-suited for open-plan rooms. Our water underfloor heating system is covered by a 10-year warranty – ensuring you peace of mind when you buy any of our underfloor heating products.

Our comprehensive hydronic underfloor heating staples kit includes a (2-3 ports) manifold (if applicable), a Grundfos pump and mixer, a 2-port valve, assorted pipe bends, a euroconus (single or multiple), staples, edging strip, a thermostat, and the necessary length of pipe (screed required).

Choose from our range of kit sizes, available from 15m² to 120m². For any inquiries or information about our services and systems, our 9-5 helpline on 0800 023 26 28 is ready to assist you.

Please note: Professional installation by a qualified installer is required to validate the warranty card included in your kit. DIY installations are not covered by our warranty. Larger pipe kit sizes will consist of multiple coils rather than a single coil.


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