Mirror Heating Pad




Product Description

Tired of your mirror misting up every time you have a shower? The CU Heating Mirror Pads are designed to stop condensation from forming on your mirror when a shower or bath is in use. It couldn’t be any easier. The heater pads are stuck direct to the back of the mirror, which provides a steady temperature to keep the glass surface warm.

Condensation forms when warm air hits cold surfaces. By heating your mirror to a temperature above the dew point, you can keep a clear view of your reflection and reduce mirror marks, smudging and spotting.

The Heater comes with 1mtr of cold lead flex which can be connected to its own switch or direct to your lighting circuit.

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252 x 274mm, 574 x 274mm, 519 x 524mm, 780 x 524mm, 1004 x 524mm, 1500 x 524mm


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