Mirror Heating Pad


  • Effortless installation on the back of the mirror
  • Maintains a steady temperature to prevent condensation
  • Enjoy a spotless reflection with reduced marks and smudging
  • Flexible connectivity options for easy setup


Product Description

Our Mirror Heating Pad is the perfect solution to keep your bathroom mirror fog-free and crystal clear even during the steamiest showers. Say goodbye to annoying condensation that hinders your view and leaves marks, smudges, and spots on the mirror surface.

The Mirror Heating Pad is designed for effortless installation – simply stick it directly to the back of your mirror, providing a steady and optimal temperature to keep the glass surface warm. By heating the mirror above the dew point, it prevents condensation from forming when warm air meets cold surfaces.

The pad comes with 1 metre of cold lead flex which can be wired to its own switch or directly to your lighting circuit.


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