Safetrace PreTerminated Heating Cable


  • Self Regulating Trace Heating Cable
  • Supplied with inline stat and flex.
  • Pipe Insulation supplied separately.


Product Description

Our pre-terminated heaters are designed for your small domestic uses such as outside taps, condensate pipes caravan pipework etc. The heaters all come pre-wired with a preset thermostat designed to switch on just before freezing making them extremely efficient, one side of the stat is the power flex which can easily be connected to a plug, fused spur or power supply, the other side of the self-regulating heating cable is specifically designed for both plastic and metal pipework up to 4-inches in diameter when 25mm thick insulation is applied.

Be advised this is a budget domestic kit. The kit is designed to switch at 3°C. However, it is made with a tolerance of +/- 4°C. If you are looking for a more accurate frost protection kit, you may want to look at our 10w/m cut to length trace heating to be used in conjunction with our Eco frost stat.


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