160W/m² Electric Underfloor Heating Sticky Mat (MAT ONLY)


  • FULLY ADHESIVE BACKED UNDERFLOOR HEATING MAT – Making it simple for one person to fit. 
  • 30% THINNER THAN OUR COMPETITORS – only 2mm thick! 
  • PERFECT FOR UNDER TILE HEATING – Can be laid on: concrete, marine ply, or construction boards 


Product Description

Product Information 

This 160w/m² floor heating kit is the perfect solution for a secondary heat source, keeping your toes warm and complimenting your existing heat source. The mesh matting allows the mat to bond to the subfloor more effectively and can be laid on: latex levelling compound, concrete, marine ply, or construction boards. Finishing the floor with tiles or stone will give you an ideal comfortable environment in any conservatory, kitchen, bathroom, or wet room. Providing you cover the mat with our ‘latex self-levelling compound’ (10mm thickness – sold seperately), you can even use this mat with carpet and vinyl flooring.

The CU Heating Underfloor Heating mat is fully adhesive and is just 2mm in thickness, with one single connection point. The triple-insulated class 2 heating mat is simple and easy to install and offers maximum flexibility to whoever is fitting the product. Whether the area is large or small, our mats are easy to plan and lay.

DOES NOT INCLUDE fixing tape, floor primer, a floor probe and probe conduit.

The CU Heating Underfloor Heating Mat is also covered by a LIFETIME cable warranty. 

We have kit sizes from 1m² to 15m² available. Please note that depending on the size chosen, specifically for larger areas, you may receive multiple mats to fill the area.

*Colour of the mat and cable may vary from that pictured in our listing. Mats purchased for larger areas may contain multiple mats.



Additional Information

Area (m²)

1m², 1.5m², 2m², 2.5m², 3m², 4m², 5m², 6m², 7m², 8m², 9m², 10m², 11m², 12m², 13m², 14m², 15m²


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