Digital Touch Screen Thermostat (Onyx Black)


  • Both 5/2 day and 7 day programming
  • Temperature Override Facility
  • Floor and inbuilt air sensor provided with every unit.
  • 3500W switching
  • Frost protection mode
  • Key lock function
  • ºC/ ºF Option
  • Floor limiter
  • Switching Function

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Product Description

Digital touchscreen thermostat controller for our Underfloor Heating Systems. With floor and in-built air sensor. Switches up to 3.5Kw

This is the easiest programmable thermostat on the market! Designed specifically for CU Heating, the digital programmer can control all types of floor heating systems and switches up to 3.5Kw.

Our new Controllers have been specifically designed to be both the easiest to use on the market and also be one of the most attractive. It incorporates both floor and inbuilt air sensors and can be used as either a programmable thermostat or a manual thermostat.


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